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40th Annual Ethnic Food Fair at Balboa Park

40th Annual Ethnic Food Fair - The House of Pacific Relations presents its 40th Annual Ethnic Food Fair with the International Cottages in Balboa Park.

Exploring the Flavors of the World: A Global Feast at the Ethnic Food Fair

The House of Chamorros is excited to welcome Imåhen Taotao Tåno and the Guahan Grill for exciting and traditional performances and flavors from the islands. We look forward to welcoming everyone this weekend!

The Ethnic Food Fair at Balboa Park is an incredibly diverse and exciting event that showcases the very best of San Diego’s culinary offerings. With over 30 different cultures represented, attendees are treated to a veritable treasure trove of unique and delicious dishes.

From CHamoru food provided by Guahan Grill to Mexican tacos, from Thai stir-fries to Middle Eastern falafels, the Ethnic Food Fair has something for everyone. The event is the perfect opportunity to try new and exotic foods that you might not otherwise get to taste.

But it’s not just about the food. The Ethnic Food Fair is a celebration of diversity, culture, and community. It’s a chance to learn about the different traditions and customs of the people who call San Diego home.

So if you’re a foodie looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, or simply want to celebrate the vibrant diversity of our city, make sure to mark your calendar for the next Ethnic Food Fair at Balboa Park. You won’t be disappointed!

Event: Ethnic Food Fair
Location: HPR Cottages, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Details: The cottages will be serving ethnic food, and entertainment will be presented on the stage.

Ethnic Food Fair Entertainment Schedule

10:45 AM

House of China

Southern Sea Kun Seng Keng Dragon and Lion Dance Procession

11:00 AM

House of the USA

Opening/Welcome Ceremony

11:15 AM

House of China

Lion Dance and Song

11:30 AM

House of Ukraine

U3Zub and Ridna Shkola

12:00 PM

House of Chamorros

Imahen Taotao Tano

12:30 PM

House of India

Neha Patel, Naad Studios

1:00 PM

House of Mexico

La Fiesta Danzantes de San Diego

1:30 PM

House of the Philippines

Benguet 13/Rosas Pandan

2:00 PM

House of Lebanon

St Ephrem Church Students and the Ladies Choir

2:30 PM

House of Turkiye

Group Anadolu

3:00 PM

House of Palestine

ZAYTOUNA Dabke Troupe

3:30 PM

House of Peru

House of Peru Youth Program

4:00 PM

House of Czech/Slovak

Bonita Jazz Band

5:00 PM

House of Spain

Juanita Franco

5:30 PM

House of the Philippines

Benguet 13 and Prinsesa Ng Bayan

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