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About the House of Chamorros

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The House of Chamorros was established in 2016 as a 501(c)3 non-profit and accepted as a full member of the House of Pacific Relations (HPR) overseeing the International Cottages campus in Balboa Park.

Simultaneously, the House of Chamorros (HOC) joined the New International Cottages Committee (NICC), established in 2006, which is made up of HPR members seeking to build their own cottages as an extension of the current International Cottages campus. The House of Chamorros cottage is uniquely establishes the first public and permanent structure representing the Chamorro people and culture. Its situation in Balboa Park exposes Chamorro culture to more than 14 million visitors to Balboa Park each year.

A House that belongs to the Chamorros of the world.

Whether you are of Chamorro descent, born there while your parents were stationed in the Marianas, or you decided to make the islands your home, the House of Chamorros is a portal for the Mariana Islands and are committed to providing a place for everyone to learn and understand the Chamorro culture, to experience the island lifestyle, and to embrace the warmth and cohesiveness of the indigenous Chamorro people.

This is a home for the regular lawn festivities and a chance for all to experience the language, art, history, and some of the delicacies that are a part of the fabric of our culture and the islands.

Building a Legacy for all.

This webinar occurred on March 30, 2021 9:00 AM Chamorro Standard Time, hosted by the House of Chamorros. The purpose of the event was a celebration of Mes CHamoru (Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Month). In the CNMI, September is recognized as Chamorro and Carolinian Cultural Heritage Month, and we are planning a follow up webinar to this event. Every year in San Diego, the largest gathering of the diaspora community is held at Cal State San Marcos during the Chamorro Cultural Festival. Due to COVID and the cancellation of this year’s event, this webinar was organized to provide an update to all of our stakeholders, partners, and members regarding the progression of our Guma Chamorro project at Balboa Park. We also wanted to recognize our most generous donors and sponsors at the Legacy Donor Level. We thank everyone for their continued support for the House of Chamorros and our mission to provide cultural knowledge of the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands.

The House of Chamorros believes that by establishing a House of Chamorros International Cottage we provide greater visibility as well as a venue to educate on the importance of Chamorros and the Mariana Islands. This is especially relevant in San Diego where the largest concentration of Chamorros in the continental United States have settled.

The vision was to have a public space to welcome visitors interested in the beautiful people, culture and land of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Recognizing the richness and multi-ethnic diversity of modern-day Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands, HOC’s efforts are inclusive of the many non-Chamorros who have called the islands home, to re-connect them with the indigenous island spirit and culture of the Marianas.

The House of Chamorros cottage is an important validation of the Chamorro culture for the generations of Chamorro diaspora that want to recognize their heritage. The House of Chamorros cottage is an important resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the Marianas and its people, shoring up the lack of information in public education. The House of Chamorros cottage is a welcome center for the many thousands of military servicemen and women and their families who have a connection to the islands due to being stationed there at some time in their careers.

To fully understand the scope of this venue and the opportunity we have to have a structure here, please visit the website below. The House of Chamorros is committed to continuing its efforts and making the House of Chamorros cottage a benefit for the Chamorro people, culture and land and all who value them.

A passion shared by all, for all.

2nd Annual Hafa Adai Festival, 2018.

We hope to welcome you to the House of Chamorros and invite you every day to join in our mission

Our Mission at the House of Chamorros is to provide cultural and historical knowledge of the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands and to share our diversity with trust, understanding, and thoughtfulness.

House of Chamorros Legacy Lifetime Donors


Guam Visitors Bureau
Marianas Visitors Authority ‘CNMI’
Saipan & Northern Islands Legislative Delegation ‘SNILD’


Bank of Guam
Bank Pacific
Bank of Saipan
Dededo Municipal Planning Council
GFS Group, Guam
♱Governor Joseph & Angela Flores
Guam All Island Class of 1968
Guam Music, Inc.
Inarajan Municipal Planning Council
Kings ‘GFS’
Dr Jeffrey Carlo & Sara Macaraeg
Ordot Chalan Pago Municipal Planning Council
Payless Market Foundation
Rota Legislature Delegation
Ruby Tuesday ‘GFS’
♱Joe Taitano & Carmen Shimizu San Agustin
Dr. John R. & Sera C. Taitano
Governor Ralph DLG Torres & 1st Lady Diann Tudela Torres


Academy of Our Lady Guam 1974
P. ‘Sonny’ & Jennifer Ada
Agat Municipal Planning Council
AM Insurance
Ambros Inc.
David & DorisAnn Aldan-Atalig
Lou & Jerry Barrett & Family
John ‘Bruno’ Benito
John & Frances Benito
Ricardo & Vicky Benito
♱Gregorio Camacho
Juan & Emily Camacho
Joey & Loling Cepeda
♱Jose & Bobbie Cepeda
Henry & Marie Chargualaf
Lugene Cruz
Cindy Davis
♱Eduardo Aquiningoc & Brienda Maanao Diaz
Lillian T. Dimla Family
Juan & Judy Flores ‘Apu Family’
Sandy Selk Flores
Lola Gogue & Leila Seyed-Rezai
In Honor of Philip & Eloise Gogue
♱Tomas & Cornelia Gogue
In Honor of Guahan Grill
RADM Peter A. & AnnMarie P. Gumataotao
Carlos & Maria Hara
Thelma Gumataotao Hechanova
Lance & Mary Hoxsey
Ann, Lillian, Kaela & Alysha Isaacson
Lucy S.N. Isaacson
Kutturan Chamoru Foundation
David Sablan Laguana & Family
♱Jeanette G. Leon Guerrero ‘Kotla’
♱John Manibusan
Marianas Pacific Distribution
Roselyn Martinez, William & Ethan Hubbell
Matilda Trust
Thomas & Jennifer Tabor McCloud
Rich & Lilly McDonald
Rich & Joanne Tabor Modic
Notre Dame High School Class of 1974
Pago Bay Resorts
Jose & Isabel Pangelinan
John & Norma Bordallo Phillips
Piti Municipal Planning Council
♱Jesus Santiago Quenga
♱Julie Quintanilla Quenga
Rosemary Robbins
Sand Castle
Santa Barbara Class of 1970
Joseph J. & Frances J. San Agustin
Romero B.♱ & Isabel P. San Agustin
Joseph LG & Lola Sablan Santos
Patricia Camacho Santos
Robert Santos
Bob & Debby Sgambelluri
Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc.
Martha Benito Sterton
♱Thomas & Agnes C. Tabor
Tom & Verna Tabor
♱Robert Flores & Francisca Santiago Taitano
In Honor of Rosa & Guillermo Taitano
John Lloyd Salas Taitano
Lady Diann Tudela Torres Foundation
Triple J Enterprises, Inc.
Uno Hit Chamorro Cultural Dance Group
Donald & Sally Waller Family
Al & Rosa Lujan Waller Family
Remedios Guerrero Wifler & Mike Wifler

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