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Buenas yan Håfa Adai! We are excited to welcome you to the House of Chamorros.

House of Chamorros

We have several great volunteer opportunities that allow you to connect with others in our community, support the HOC mission, and have a great time!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer as a Host for the HOC Headquarters at Balboa Park

As a Host, you will be the first smile that welcomes those visiting Balboa Park to the Chamorro Culture.

The House of Chamorros was established in 2016 as a 501(c)3 non-profit and accepted as a full member of the House of Pacific Relations (HPR) overseeing the International Cottages campus in Balboa Park. Simultaneously, the House of Chamorros (HOC) joined the New International Cottages Committee (NICC), established in 2006, which is made up of HPR members seeking to build their own cottages as an extension of the current International Cottages campus. 

The House of Chamorros cottage represents a unique opportunity and established the first public and permanent structure representing the Chamorro people and culture. Its situation in Balboa Park shares Chamorro culture to more than 14 million visitors to Balboa Park each year.

To begin, let’s get to know you a little bit better. Please fill out the following information

Volunteer Recruitment Application
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  • Contact Information

Thank You for your Interest In HOC. If you would like to volunteer, please select your Interests below. Every Extra Hand Makes a Difference!

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