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Recurring Annual Membership Payment:
Thank you for your support and your interest in participating in efforts related to the historical education, cultural awareness, and community outreach offered by the House of Chamorros.

Payment method may be made by Debit Card or Credit Card (i.e., log on to and click on 'JOIN' to pay through PayPal using your debit card, credit card or your PayPal account).

Members can serve as Host at the Cottage and provide assistance for any of the annual events. As a volunteer, members agree to abide by the current Bylaws of the House of Chamorros, the Bylaws of the House of Pacific Relations, and the rules of the current Preferential, Nonexclusive Use and Occupancy Permit of the City of San Diego, and Local, State and Federal laws. Detail information on benefits and responsibilities of being an active House of Chamorros member can be found on

The City of San Diego requires that a membership list must be filed annually with the House of Pacific Relations (HPR). Your name will be provided to HPR. Your address and phone number will also be provided unless you check the following:

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