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The Håfa Adai Festival 2023

The House of Chamorros Board at the Hafa Adai Festival 2023

The House of Chamorros Board.

Uno Hit Dancer.

About the Festival

The Hafa Adai Festival is an annual event hosted by the House of Chamorros. It celebrates and preserves our traditional culture, dance, music, crafts, and cuisine. The festival features live performances, interactive activities for families and children, local vendors selling handmade goods, delicious food from multiple chefs and restaurants, and more! 

Great Vendors at the Hafa Adai Festival

A great opportunity for local vendors to showcase products and services.

Island Mist and Friends.

The Hafa Adai Festival is an annual celebration of the native CHamoru culture found in Guam and the CNMI. Held every year in mid-August, this festival is an opportunity to experience and honor traditional music, dance, language, cuisine, and crafts. This year was an especially welcomed return to gathering with friends and family to enjoy delicious food, great music, amazing cultural entertainment, and good times. 

During the festival, visitors have access to engaging activities including dancing, traditional food tastings, and a local vendor fair. Traditional Chamorro music fills the air as guests explore through the various participating vendors and businesses featuring unique culture-specific wares.

This is an event that allows people to appreciate the CHamoru history and recognize the resilience of the people. Visitors can experience firsthand the vibrant culture of these Pacific Islands while enjoying a fun-filled day with their friends and family.

The Hafa Adai Festival is also an opportunity to learn about the various cultural aspects in a safe and welcoming environment. Through educational presentations, visitors can gain insights on the island history and culture, as well as explore traditional recipes and crafts that have been passed down for generations. At the end of the day, the Hafa Adai Festival serves as a reminder that the House of Chamorros and the culture it celebrates every day is more than just a connection to tropical paradises in the Mariana Islands. It’s a place where time-honored customs and traditions are embraced and celebrated. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or want to learn about the rich culture, this festival is sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

SO if we missed out on the chance to welcome you with the “Hafa Adai” Spirit this year, we look forward to welcoming you every weekend to the House of Chamorros in Balboa Park and at next year’s Hafa Adai Festival.

Uno Hit Dancers.

Great company at the Hafa Adai Festival.

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