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Online Cultural Workshop Series with Tony Mantanona

Online Cultural Workshops with Tony Mantanona

Temporarily Postponed due to Typhoon Mawar.

Unlock your creative cultural potential from anywhere, with these online workshops!

The House of Chamorros strives to provide cultural and historical knowledge of the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands and to share our diversity with trust, understanding, and thoughtfulness. That’s out mission! So we would like to share this great online and interactive way to share in and celebrate some fun cultural knowledge straight from the people of the Mariana Islands.

Tony Mantanona is a cultural practitioner that has been sharing, teaching, mentoring, and providing countless ways to preserve and celebrate the CHamoru culture and heritage as a part of his life’s work. As the Engaging Youth program Director (EYP) at Gef pago and with Americorps, he facilitated cultural sessions after school and on weekends for students, eventually leading to his position as Summer Camp Director. There his students learned how to make Pottery, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Rope, Nipa Thatches, and learned how to weave, learned about environmental impacts, and about the CHamoru Language.

As he learned from his mother, How to Bake, Auntue Judy Flores took him under her wing with a grant from CAHA. Together, they built a “Hotno” and “Village Museum” and the “Hotnu Bakery”. (Hotnu is spelled with an “o”, but the trademark business, “Hotnu”)

After a meeting with, David Tydingco, the managing director of the Valley of the Latte, Tony was offered a position as a Valley of the Latte weaver. From there he generated and provided great culturally enriching ideas and they flourished. The Valley of the Latte, under guidance from Tony Mantanona, now celebrate with cultural workshops on Saturdays that include, but are not limited to, Coconut Oil Making, Coconut Candy making, Bread Making, How to Weave baskets, Fans, Latte Stones, and other tools and decorative items, and more. They also offer Mwarmwar and Ti Leaf Lei making workshops and can be contacted directly for order requests for any special occasion.

The “Valley Weavers” have been on the front page of the PDN, Guam Post, and celebrated on air with KUAM. It is because of their unique and intricate designs, they became vendors for local stores like the Payless Floral Shops. They also accommodate to presentations at Hotels, Schools, Village Fiestas, Military Bases, and more. Their quality of work radiates from having a great foundation of a family oriented work environment that stems from the team at the Valley of the Latte.

Now the Valley of the Latte, Tony Mantanona, and in partnership with non-profit I Kutturata, INC., want to share these great cultural workshops with everyone. Not just guests who frequent the Valley of the Latte on the weekend.

Date: June 4th, 2023 | Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM CHST
Date: June 11th, 2023 | Time: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM CHST

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