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Pacific Islander Wellness Festival 2023
Pacific Islander Wellness Festival 2023

The House of Chamorros is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Pacific Islander Wellness Festival in San Francisco!

2023 SFUSD Pacific Islander Wellness Festival Exhibitor/Artist/Field Coach Welcome Packet

Oceania Connected in Wellness

Hafa adai, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Aloha, Bula, Greetings!

Thank you kindly for participating in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Pacific Islander Wellness Festival 2023!  It is my hope that this gathering of Pacific Islander people and the larger community will leave everyone with lasting memories and new relationships so we can be inspired to be well at all ages.  

Working together is a shared value among Pacific Islander people. There are many that came together to make this festival possible. 

Our Festival Team is extremely grateful to the following contributors:

SFUSD Physical Education Department, SFUSD Access & Equity, SFUSD Arts Department, SFUSD Wellness Team, SALT SF, SF Golden Gate and San Mateo Rugby Club, YMCA, Treasure Island, SFSU Kinesiology Dept. for offering support.  We also appreciate the over 50 SFUSD departments, community based organizations and businesses involved for service to the Pacific Islander community. Lastly, thank you, Wellness Festival Team Members: Jennifer Uperesa, Glenn Castro, Meritiana Veavea, Jason Finau, Ursula Siataga, Ana Mahina and Erin Deis.  

By the way, after 38 amazing years with SFUSD, this is my last Physical Education “class” experience that involves community.  I’m so very excited to be moving joyfully with family and friends. 

For more information, reach out to Verna Castro, or Jennifer Uperesa,

In partnership,
Verna Castro

In This Welcome Packet:

Parking Information 

Designated Parking for Festival Exhibitors/Artists/Field Coaches. A designated parking zone will be reserved for participant parking.  See “Layout” link above.  A Parking Pass is Required. In order to park in the designated parking zones, you must display the parking pass on your dashboard.  See Parking Pass below.  Parking is limited, there will definitely be more demand than supply, and is only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive early, field set up begins as early as 7am.   Vendors may enter through any of the 3 gates (H, I, 11th St).

Check-In Information 

Please Check-In Between 8:00AM and 10:30am The Exhibitor/Artist/Field Coach check-in Information Booth will be outside the main gate (on H Street), and will be clearly marked. Staff at the check-in table will need to know the agency, organization or individual name you used on your registration form, you will be given a packet with festival info. The main gate information booth is where you may also access materials for set up and will be closed at 10:45 so that we may begin moving to the stage to begin our festivities. Please contact Jenn prior to the Festival at with questions.. *deleting this part because you say this below and I’m sure whoever they check in with will remind them verbally to look for their table flag.

Drop off Zone.  You may drop off at the east gate entrance on I Street or at the west main gate entrance (ADA access) on H Street. There is one additional entrance access on 11th St. See “Layout” There is no gate access or public parking on 13th Street. This is residential parking ONLY.

          General FAQ 

Required  SFUSD Volunteer Permission and Waiver Form If you haven’t already done so, each volunteer exhibitor, artist, field coach, and volunteer staff must complete this form and submit to Jenn Uperesa prior to the festival.  Thank you for understanding. 

Attendees. This is our first year putting on an intergenerational Pacific Islander-focused wellness festival. People from all cultures and diversity are welcome to attend.  there is no pre-registration, the number of attendees is difficult to predict. 

Restrictions. No smoking/vaping within 25’ of the field. No vehicles allowed on grass. No open flame (bbq, etc inc gas). Wheeled cart ok but not motorized. No alcohol, glass or controlled substances. Pets must be on leash, no pets on the playing field. 

Weather and Dress. Treasure Island can sometimes be breezy so please dress appropriately in layers. This is an experiential festival and plenty of opportunities for physical activity for all, it is suggested to dress in active wear if you plan on participating.

Booth Table Location. See the location number of your booth table on the, “Time Table Schedule of Events” below. . Your assigned booth number will also be posted on a flag located on your table on the east side of the field.  Please highlight your organization with a sign/banner in your space

Field Coaches. If you are in a Childrens’, Youth or Family Zone, your area will be 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a or 3c. Each area is 50’ x 113’ with a 5’ buffer space between areas in each Zone.  

REVIEW Exhibitors, please review your organization or business Name to make sure it is correct. The expectation is that exhibitors stay through the end of the festival to maintain the flow and community offering.  Artists, you are scheduled for a specific time, it is a hard start, however if you would like to end earlier, confirm that with us asap so that we may fill the remaining time accordingly. Field Coaches and Artists, review your field assignment and session time(s).

Six-Foot Table for Every Exhibitor. Every exhibitor will receive a six-foot table and two chairs. Please bring your own tablecloths, chairs and canopy if desired.  

No Electrical Outlets with exceptionof health testing stations, No WiFi. The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Field does not have WiFi.  A few temporary electrical outlets will be available for health testing near the stage generator. Please plan accordingly.  

Giveaway and Other Restrictions: Stickers, Balloons, Candy, Gum, Plastic Water Bottles or Sugary Beverages and Unpackaged Food. Please DO NOT give away any of these items at your table.  NO SELLING of any items ie. t-shirts, crafts, services 

Interpreters and Other Special Needs. If there is an interpreter or accommodation needed, please contact us before the festival so that we can do the best to assist each and every person attending comfortably. It is our goal that our festival will be accessible and fun for all. 

     Languages on  Written Materials. We strongly encourage you to bring any written materials in multiple languages. If you are a culturally based organization, your language sharing is always welcomed. 

 Hep B and other possible health testing. Local agencies will host booths for testing.  Health testing is open to specific groups.

Food and Beverages.  We are requesting that you bring your own food and beverages. There may be a few food trucks  but it is not expected. Fruit infused water stations will  be provided by SFUSD Student and Family Services. Bottled water will be sold by the SF Golden Gate Rugby Club. 

Attendee Survey.  We will conduct a survey at the Festival to ensure we are serving the community wellI. Information gathered in the survey will inform future Wellness Festivals so we thank you in advance for sharing your honest feedback. Surveys will be  administered throughout the day at Information Booths and student volunteers circulating for feedback throughout the day. 

Security Security personnel from the SALT Coalition of SF will be positioned at all three entrances with two others roaming to keep our festival safe for all. Thank you SALT Team. 

Shout Out.  One of our team members may be coming around to each booth/field space with a wireless mic for you to shout out your organization. 

Student Interns.  We are pleased to collaborate with students beyond SFUSD.  Students who will contribute by co-designing the festival beanie graphic. Students will also emcee and are a part of the social media team (students will live stream stage performances, create IG postings, interview visitors and create a 3 min promo video available after the festival), survey attendees,  help leading and supporting at sports and booths, serve with me as a coordinator and many other duties that interest students. 

Festival Contacts for emergencies and or general assistance at the festival, please contact Verna Castro  (Wellness Festival coordinator) 415-678-7878 or Ansel Van Zandt (facility manager) 415-269-5888 

Oceania Connected in Wellness – enjoy a recording from Keith Camacho, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles speaking about the theme oceania connected in wellness. Keith is the author of Cultures of Commemoration: The Politics of War, Memory, and History in the Mariana Islands, and co editor of Militarized Currents: Toward a Decolonized Future in Asia and the Pacific


    Si yu’os ma’ase, Fa’afetai, Malo ‘aupito, Mahalo, Vinaka, Thank you.

If you would like to Volunteer, please fill out the required Volunteer Waiver Form for all adult and student participants [ exhibitors/artists/field coaches/student and other adult volunteers]. Please print, sign, and send the form to Jenn Uperesa at 

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