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Still We Rose: A Photographic & Audio Experience

About this event

We hope you joined us for “We Still Rose”!

Come and be part of an unforgettable evening filled with inspiration, empowerment, and celebration.

This in-person event took place on Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 2145 B Pan American Rd W, San Diego, CA 92101.

“Still We Rose” delves into the empowering journey of CHamoru creatives, navigating an industry that lacks true precedent. Guam and the CHamoru people often find themselves underrepresented in media and entertainment, making it even more crucial to highlight their presence.This project glances into the unique experiences of CHamoru creatives who faced the challenge of lacking industry role models who shared their ethnic background. Its mission is to capture the essence of working CHamoru creatives through photography, shedding light on their inspiring stories. By showcasing these individuals, the project aims to provide examples and inspiration to the next generation of CHamorus, illustrating that they too can pave their own paths in the creative industries.

Jeff Joey Quenga Jonathan Benavente Loling

Jeff Joey Quenga Jonathan Benavente Loling

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