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Hafa Adai Festival 2023: Balboa Park, San Diego

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hafa adai festival flyer 2023

The House of Pacific Relations, located in San Diego’s Balboa Park, is a collection of 34 cottages, each representing a different country. The idea is to promote multicultural goodwill and understanding through educational and cultural programs. Just a year ago, the House of Chamorros, representing the island people of Guam, had its grand opening. Today they celebrated the Hafa Adai Festival, complete with music, dancing, typical foods, crafts and gifts, and an all-around atmosphere of fun and smiles. Because Guam has been a territory of the US for over 100 years, the indigenous people have slowly been losing their culture and language. In recent years there has been a movement to regain their heritage. The Hafa Adai Festival is one of the ways to encourage cultural pride. We ate the red rice and shrimp kelaguen, plus an assortment of sweets such as cassava cake, sweet tamale, and a warm coconut drink. Island people are known for their warm hospitality and friendly smiles.

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